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Importance of a healthy digestive system

Why do we need to take care of our digestive system? Digestion is the part and parcel of our healthy life. Our immune system is made of the gastrointestinal tract. It consists of the pancreas, gallbladder as well as liver. Digestion is very much important in our day to day lives. This is because our body requires important nutrients that we often get from drink and food to stay healthy and work perfectly. Minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates as well as water are some of the important nutrients. What our digestive system does is it breaks down those nutrients into smaller molecules so that our body can absorb. By absorbing all these nutrients our body converts them into energy that are must for repairing cells as well as its growth. Following points will help you for better understanding:

  • The proteins help in breaking them into amino acids.
  • Carbohydrates help in breaking into simple sugars
  • Fats help to break into glycerol as well as fatty acids.

How does our digestive system work?

Each and every part of our entire digestive system helps in moving liquid and food that we consume through the gastrointestinal tract. There it breaks liquid as well as food into tiny parts and both. Once all these substances are broken perfectly, it becomes easier for our body to absorb all the nutrients . Our large intestine consumes all the water that we have consumed and remaining unwanted products that are left are converted into the stool.

Some of the important steps of digestion

As we have mentioned above digestion is extremely important  because it helps to break down the foods into nutrients. All these nutrients are used by the body to get energy, cell repair and growth. Our everyday actions, communication as well as thoughts impact a lot to our body on the emotional level. Similarly, it impacts on the physical as well as digestive level as well. The energy that our body creates helps a lot in metabolizing not only the food but also our mental as well as emotional experiences. Keeping the immune system happy as well as balanced is very important in optimizing digesting our daily experiences and the food. Following steps will help you out for better understanding.

Drinking hot soup

It is very important to drink hot soup before having meals. It is one of the oldest traditions that we have been performing in many cultural aspects. This activity helps a lot in optimizing the function of the stomach of cooking.

Bringing sweetness in our lives

The taste of desserts is very harmonizing. It is not only delightful in terms of our lives but also for our stomach. We recommend you to have desserts first.

Eating raw fruits as well as vegetables

One of the easiest ways of getting enzymes as well as nutrients are having raw fruits and vegetables. We all know the importance of fruits and green veggies.

Drinking plenty of water

It is very important for the body to stay hydrated. Equally, our digestive system needs to be well hydrated. However, it doesn’t mean that we will have water during our meals. It can badly impact our stomach. We advise you to drink 4 liters of water a day to stay hydrated.

According to ayurveda, it is important to evacuate the bowels every morning. That’s simple enough, or so it sounds. But why is it so important? What happens if you skip a morning, or wait until later? No big deal, you might think. On the contrary, not emptying your bowels in the morning impacts both your physical and psychological well being. Being regular and following nature’s, and your own body’s, rhythm makes a huge difference in how you feel during the day.

The body’s clock always tries to follow the cycles of nature. During nighttime, Soma, or lunar energy, is more predominant, so our body focuses on lubrication, cooling and nurturing. In the morning, when the sun rises, our body goes into absorption phase when Agni, the active, burning and transforming solar energy dominates. If, during the day, you carry around the waste material you created at night, you may absorb some of that waste material into your system.

Some elements to keep our digestive system healthy


Sugar, fibers as well as starches are rich in carbohydrates. However, they are complex or simple, depending on the structure of their chemicals. For example, simple carbohydrates are found in fruits and milk. Whereas complex carbohydrates are found in whole food such as whole grain bread, starchy veggies as well as legumes.


Fats are rich in energy. They help our body to absorb all sort of energy. We can get fats from soybean, olive, corn, sunflower and lots more. On the other hand, snacks, butter or greasy meal or oily meal such as junk food are not at all healthy. While digestion our body breaks down the fats and converts them into energy.


There are various types of vitamins found in our body, for example, water-soluble vitamins and non-water soluble vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins are A, D, K and E. Whereas water-soluble vitamins are Vitamin B and C. Fat-soluble vitamins are stored by the liver as well as fatty tissues. But the liver cannot always store water-soluble vitamins and hence the extra vitamins are being flushed out through urine.


Eggs, meat as well as beans consist of a very large amount of proteins. Our body converts all the fats into smaller molecules in the form of amino acids. The amino acids are being absorbed with the help of small intestine through which it is passed into the blood. The blood helps to spread all throughout the body.

Importance of Trigoldasav, tummy fit

In terms of the immune system, it is very important for us to consume ayurvedic medicine. One of the most important benefits of ayurvedic medicines is that it does not have any side effects. Moreover, it not only helps to get rid of such serious problems of the immune system such as constipation but helps to boost carving for food, increases blood circulation and increases the amount of haemoglobin and strengthens our body. The regular consumption of this medicine will also help to get rid of any kind of respiratory problems.


Digestive Tonic

Dose :                                     

15 to 30 ml. with equal quantity of water twice a day after meals or as per directed by physician.

presentation :

225 ml. & 450 ml.

Indication :     Effective in blood deficiency, digestive respiratory problems, general weakness, Cough Jaundice, & Loss of appetite.

Diet :       Milk, Fruit Juice and nourishing food, avoid oil, Chilli, Sour and fatty food.

Tummy Fit Granules                                          

corrects constipation &

restores normal bowel action

dose :                                      

Granules : 5 to 10 gm. with water or milk at bed time or as per doctor’s advise.

presentation :

Granules           :           50 gm.

Indication :  

–          Habitual constipation, occasional constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

–          Stubborn constipation.

–          Constipation induced by drugs, change of place or climate.

–          Constipation associated with piles, post surgical and Cardiac cases.

Side Effects :                                      

NIL in therapeutic dosage.



Arthritis is a type of joint inflammation. However, the term arthritis is mostly used for describing almost 200 problems that affect the tissues which are surrounded by the joints as well as the various other types of connective tissues. It is commonly known as the rheumatic condition. One of the commonly known arthritis is osteoarthritis. Apart from this, various other types of rheumatic problems that are related to arthritis include fibromyalgia, gout as well as rheumatoid arthritis, also called RA.

The patients who are suffering from rheumatic problems suffer from stiffness, pain, swelling in and around joints as well as aching. All the above-mentioned symptoms can suddenly develop or even gradually. Various other rheumatic conditions also include immune system problems as well as internal parts of the body. As per the research, arthritis is suffered by the people from the age group above 65 years. However, it can also affect people of all age groups, even including children.

Some facts related to arthritis

Following are some of the key facts about arthritis. However, in this article we have describes each and every detail about arthritis.

  • Arthritis is known to mostly 200 rheumatic conditions as well as problems diseases which badly affect joints that include lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • The person who is suffering arthritis can feel various symptoms. The person will be unable to perform regular tasks.
  • However, we highly recommend the patients to do physical activities as it can offer a positive effect that can immensely improve pain as well as mental health.
  • Various other factors that involve in the development of arthritis are abnormal metabolism, injury, immune system problem, injury, genetic infections and lots more.

The treatment that aims in controlling all these pains helps in minimizing the joint damage and hence helps a lot in improving the quality of your life. All these treatments involve physical therapies, medications as well as patient support and education.


As we have already mentioned above that the treatment of arthritis that helps in controlling pain and minimizing joint damage and hence help in improving the quality of life. All the medicines that are made for arthritis can help in achieving these problems as well as protecting the joints from further problems. All the treatments are:

  • physical therapies
  • medicines
  • non-pharmacologic therapies
  • weight loss
  • patient support and education
  • joint assistive aids
  • surgery that includes joint replacement

Natural Remedies

A healthy, as well as a balanced diet along with the appropriate exercise, is must for the patients who are suffering from arthritis. Apart from these the patients also need to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol. All these things can help the patients in maintaining a healthy life. We have mentioned some of the food that you need to have for your joint health. Dieticians recommend consuming Mediterranean diet. Some of them are as follows:

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fish
  • Beans
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Olive oil

Foods that you need to avoid

There is some specific food that arthritis patients strictly need to avoid. For example the nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes that include a chemical known as solanine. This chemical badly affects arthritis pain. As per research, there are certainly mixed reviews. Some researchers have found that avoiding nightshade vegetables have resulted in the reduction of arthritis problems.


You must not forget that self-management is also must if you are suffering from arthritis symptoms. Following are some of the important strategies that you need to keep in mind strictly:

  • maintaining as well as achieving a healthy weight of the body
  • becoming physically active by performing day to day activities
  • protect your joints from unwanted stress
  • having regular doctor check-ups

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are some other important strategies that help in managing the conditions. They are:

Staying in an organized manner

Checking the track record of the pain levels, symptoms, medications as well as its side effects. You can do this by consulting with your doctor.

Manage fatigue and pain

You can even combine your medication routine with non-medical pain management. You need to learn how to manage fatigue. As it is the key to live comfortably even with arthritis.

Being physically active

Doing regular exercise is must if you want to stay physically active. You can even do regular yoga if you really want to stay physically fit and disease free.

Having a healthy diet

As we have already mentioned above, having a healthy diet is very important as it helps in achieving a healthy and normal weight as well as helps in controlling inflammations. In addition to it, you also need to avoid processed and refined foods and non0veg foods. We recommend you in having whole plant foods that are rich in various antioxidants as well as have anti-inflammatory properties.

Having enough sleep

As we already know, lack of sleep can increase arthritis pain as well as fatigue. So all you need to do taking measures in improving hygienic sleep. The main reason behind this is that it will make you fall asleep much easier. For this, you have to stop having caffeine and laborious exercises.

Taking care of the joints

One of the most important tips to protect joints include using larger as well as stronger joints as levers when opening doors. You can sue various joints for spreading the weight of an object. For example, you can use a bag and grip it loosely with the help of the padded handles.

Physical therapies

Most of the doctors often advice the patients to go for certain physical therapies that immensely help the patients in overcoming the challenges as well as in reducing the limitations. Following are some of the recommended physical therapies:

Physical therapy

There are basically several selected exercises that specifically tailored for arthritis based on the needs of the individuals. All these therapies are mostly combined with pain relieving therapies such as hot or ice packs and massage.

Warm water therapy

There is another activity known as warm water therapy that is mostly recommended by the doctors. This is because warm water offers pressure and put less pressure on the joints as well as muscles.

Importance of Arthoright liquid and arthoright tablets, Rhumoright Oil

We in Maheshwari Ayurvedic Pvt. Ltd truly believes in purity. We specifically medicine for arthritis patients named Arthoright liquid as well as Arthoright Tablets. By having these medicines regularly the patient will get relief from certain pains and symptoms. Moreover, the medicines that we make are purely herbal that is free from all sorts of chemicals. If you have any kind of query regarding this medicine, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Arthoright  Liquid, Tablet                                                            

Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Absorber & Anti-Rheumatic

How to Use :

Liquid    :               15 to 30 ml with equal amount of water twice a day after meals.

Tablet   :               2 tablet 2 or 3 times a day.

Continuous treatment for about 2 weeks is necessary before any appreciable change is noticed. Once improvement starts, it progresses. Satisfactory improvement usually occurs at the end of the third or fourth week. Treatment should however, be continued till all traces of pain disappear, probably for about 4 to 6 months.

presentation :                                                  

Liquid    :               200 ml. & 450 ml.

Tablet   :               1000 Tablets

Action : Controls inflammation, reduces swelling and tenderness. Quickly relieves pain, associated with sprains; restores mobility. Increases the tissue oxidation in the diseased joints and helps in regulating the easy movement of joints. Osteoarthritis, adjuvant to NSAIDS. Stimulates uric acid excretion.

Indication : Rheumatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout-Sciatica-Sprain, Infective polyarthritis-fibrositis, Ankylosing Spondylosis cervical and lumber spondylosing. Joint stiffness and inflammation.

Caution : Tablet should be avoided during pregnancy as it contains guggal which has a regularising influence on the female genital system.

Rhumoright Oil                                                                

Pain absorber

Anti Inflammatory

Direction of Use :                                                            

Apply on affected body part gentle massage, twice or thrice a day after warm water wash or as advised by the Physician.

presentation : 30 ml., 60 ml.

ACTION : Controls inflammation, reduces swelling and tenderness. Quickly relieves pain, associated with

sprains; restores mobility. Increases the tissue oxidation in the diseased joints and helps in regulating the easy

movement of joints. Osteoarthritis, adjuvant to NSAIDS. Stimulates uric

acid excretion.

INDICATION : Rheumatic Arthritis,

Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout-Sciatica Sprain, Infective polyarthritisfibro-sitis, Ankylosing Spondylosis cervical and lumber spondylosing. Joint stiffness and inflammation.