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    Arthoright Liquid


    Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Absorber & Anti-Rheumatic

    Controls inflammation, reduces swelling and tenderness. Quickly relieves pain, associated with sprains; restores mobility. Increases the tissue oxidation in the diseased joints and helps in regulating the easy movement of joints. Osteoarthritis, adjuvant to NSAIDS. Stimulates uric acid excretion.

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    Asthoright Awaleh


    for cold,flu,bronchial asthma and respiratory infection.

    An effective bronchodilator. Prevents formation of allergens and Ige complexes. Stimulates endogenous cortisone production. Relieves irritation and bronchial spasm. Impoves body’s defence mechanism. Acts as an effective expectorant. Reduces the intensity of cough and has mucolytic effect.

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    MAPL Pure Shilajit


    MAPL’s shilajit is 100% pure.We generally source our Shilajit from the remote areas of the Himalayan region of India collected through traditional process maintaining hygiene and safety so that there is no adulteration.

    • 100% Natural, No Adulteration , Pure Himalyan Shialajit
    • Boost Overall health
    • Rich in minerals with anti oxidant powers , 40% Fulvic Acid
    • Better Physical Performance
    • In Resin Form , can be taken in water or milk
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