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Antiblockage Syrup | Heart rejuvenator



MAPL’s anti blockage syrup is blended with rich fresh raw garlic juice, ginger juice , lemon juice which is processed with organic apple cider vinegar and honey. These 5 ingredients has been highly effective for good heart health if consumed on daily basis.



Today’s stressful way of life, lack of physical workout and excessive fast food are increasing the occurrence of coronary arterial diseases and coronary heart attacks.

MAPL’s Anti Blockage drink is a cardiac tonic beneficial for smokers, obese persons and those having a circle of relative’s records of cardiac problems.

This formulation is rejuvenating combination of herbs known to promote right feature of the heart. It is a cardiac tonic that nourishes and strengthens the heart muscle mass thereby stimulating the blood circulation and allowing an boom of oxygen drift to the coronary heart.



  • Effective in prevention of Heart Attack
  • Effective in controlling  Cholesterol
  • Effective in reducing Tension/stress
  • Excellent remedy for heart
  • Effective in imparting strength to heart muscles.
  • Tone up the function of heart
  • Help to promote healthy cholesterol
  • Support proper function of circulatory system
  • Provide good nutrition to heart
  • Relive in anxiety.

HOW TO USE: Pour 15-30ml MAPL’s  in a glass Of lukewarm water and enjoy your cardiac tonic.For maximum benefits, try to consume empty stomach twice a day.



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