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Livoright D.S. Syrup


For Liver Disorders                                                         


Each 10 ml Syrup contains extract of :
Eclipta Alba 250 mg.
Tecomella Undulata 250 mg.
Embelia Ribes 125 mg.
Cichorium Intybus 125 mg.
Phyllanthus Niruri 250 mg.
Boerhaavia Diffusa 125 mg.
Operaculina Turpethum 125 mg.
Picrorhiza Kurroa 25 mg.
Terminalia Chebula 250 mg.
Aloe Barbadensis 125 mg.
Solanum Nigrum 125 mg.
Rosa Centifolia 125 mg.
Tribulus Terrestris 125 mg.
Nyctanthes Arbortristis 125 mg.
Zingiber Officlinle 125 mg.
Sugar 6.0 gm.
Sodium Benzoate 25 mg.
Flavour Q.S.

Bhawana Dravya  : Picrorhiza Kurroa  20 mg., Plumbago Zeylanica  20 mg., Eclipta Alba 20 mg., Boerhaavi Diffusa  20 mg., Phyllanthus Niruri 20 mg., Tinospora Cordifolia  20 mg.


Dose :   10 to 20 ml. twice a day or as per doctor’s advise.

presentation :   200 ml.


Indication : Infective Hepatitis, both viral and bacterial. Enlarged

or Fatty liver Anorexia, Hepatitis

with or without Jaundice.

Hepatic Disfunctions, Nutritional disorders, Hepatotoxicity, Precirrhotic conditions, Hepatobiliary disorders and during convalescence.


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