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COMPOSITION : Each 10 ml contains :

Khajur (Phoenix dactylifera) A.F.I. 15 mg, Mahua (Bassialatifolia)  A.F.I. 10

mg, Ghratkumari (Aloe barbadensis) A.F.I.20 mg, Aamlaki (Emblica

officinalis) A.F.I. 50 mg, Vibhitki (Terminaliabelerica) A.F.I. 50 mg, Haritaki

(Terminaliachebula) A.F.I. 50 mg, Nagarmotha (Cyperusscariosus) A.F.I.

50 mg, Bai Bidang (Embeliaribes) A.F.I. 50 mg, Piplimool (Piper longum)

A.F.I. 1 mg, Supari (Acacia catechu) A.F.I. 1  mg, Kutki (Picrorhizakurroa)

A.F.I. 1 mg, Rasna (Pluchealanceolata) A.F.I. 1 mg, Haridra (Curcuma

longa) A.F.I. 1 mg, Devdaru (Cedrus deodar) A.F.I. 1 mg, Konch (Mucuna

pruriens) A.F.I. 1 mg, Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhizaglabra) A.P.I. 1 mg,

Gokharu (Tribulusterrestris) A.F.I. 1 mg, Punarnava (Boerhaaviadiffusa)

A.F.I. 1 mg, DaruHaldi (Berberisaristata) A.F.I. 1 mg, Lodhra (Symplocos

racemosa) A.F.I. 1 mg, Amaltash (Cassia fistula) A.F.I. 100 mg, Senay

(Cassia Angustifolia) A.F.I. 100 mg, Gur (Jaggery) 5 gm.

Dose :                                                  

15 to 30 ml. with equal quantity of water twice a day after meals or as per directed by physician.                                                              

presentation :                                                  

225 ml. & 450 ml.                                                             

Indication :                                                         

Effective in blood deficiency, digestive respiratory problems, general weakness, Cough Jaundice, & Loss of appetite.                                                    

Diet :                                                    

Milk, Fruit Juice and nourishing food, avoid oil, Chilli, Sour and fatty food.

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225 ML, 450 ML


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